I would like Wiki.js to automatically generate a page filename based on the page title. Most of my users don't care about the page name, but care most about the page location / path and the page title.
I'd like there to be some consistency in the page naming (spaces / dash / underscore, caps, max length) and an auto generated name, would do that especially if I can block users from changing from the auto page name.
Most of all I want to minimize the effort required to get info into the wiki. Getting people to adopt and start using a wiki can be difficult and making it as easy as possible is important.
Wiki.js used to suggest a page name based on the title but changed, I suspect because of a under the hood change in the page creation process. If the wiki needs to have a file to save to before we can do things like set a title, perhaps an auto generated uuid style filename as a temporary until the title is set and the page can then be auto renamed? The user would never have to see or know about the temporary file name.