### Actual behavior

I am using a Microsoft Word plugin called "Writage" to generate markdown files for me from existing word based documentation. This generates a markdown file and a folder called "media" with all the images in it.

In the generated markdown the images are all linked in the style of

Sample image name:


When I upload the file into my wiki.JS webapp it is renaming the file to:


This makes it harder for me to fix my image urls in my generated markdown. As well as finding and replacing "media/" with "/uploads/folder-name/" I then also have to fix each image name by adding hyphens.

The way it works now, it is faster for me to manually add the images again one by one using the wikiJS add image interface.

### Expected behavior

Don't rename images.

Then I can just find and replace the folder name part of the url in the markdown that Writage created for me and everything will magically link.

### Steps to reproduce the behavior

WikiJS seems to add hyphens are letter/number boundaries.